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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Seeing as I reviewed "Brand New Eyes" I decided to review my favorite Paramore album, "Riot". In my opinion this album has the best Paramore tunes and some catchy rock anthems. Here is a track by track:

  • For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic: I adore this song, its such a powerful opening and sets the genre for the rest of the album. 10/10
  • Thats What You Get: As the fourth and final single released from "Riot" the song is real catchy and you just wanna dance. It is amazing 10/10
  • Hallelujah: This is just another great from Paramore and was the second single from the album. Catchy song 9/10
  • Misery Business: This was the first single and its one of the highlights on the album. It is one of Paramore's biggest hit and I can't get enough of it. 10/10
  • When it Rains: The album slows down with this track and it has great meaning. 10/10
  • Let the Flames Begin: This is my favorite Paramore track not only on the cd but ever, the song has so much power and as soon as it ends I just rewind, it is amazing. I'm surprised it wasn't released as a single. 10/10
  • Miracle: This is a good song but not my favorite on the album but still a cool song 9/10
  • Crushcrushcrush: This was the third single released from the album and is one hell of a song. It has amazing lyrics considering Haley was only a child when she wrote it 10/10
  • We Are Broken: The ballad of the album and it is some ballad it has great meaning and the lyrics are fantastic considering the fact that Paramore do not have many ballads it is a real treat 10/10
  • Fences: Another favourite of mine which mixes acoustic and soft rock to make a great song 10/10
  • Born for This: A great finish to the album and by far a great head banger. Great song in which we can hear the boys sing 10/10
It is obvious to see my feelings towards this album judging by the fact that there is no song with a rating of below 9. This album is a pleasure to listen to and is one of my favorites. Overall I give this album a 9.5/10.

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